About Us

Auto parts/Mobile phone/Tablet accessories part/Plastic toy

Since 1995

"Attentive,Focus and Assured"It's our guarantees customers that Jindi Enterprise Co., Ltd. is committed to "making production easier." To this end, COMTEL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has launched an integrated plastic / metal foundry service, covering 3D design, production, secondary processing, and assembly packaging of products.

Since 1995, the company has been manufacturing various types of products for decades of years. and has accumulated rich and diverse production experience, which has enabled the company to continue to grow and thrive in terms of technology and quality. In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, the product categories are increased year by year, including marathon sporting goods, outdoor products, auto parts, computer peripheral parts, motor pumps, paintball supplies, auxiliary supplies, cultural and creative supplies, plastic parts and other products.

Start from end of 2019, comtel went on Marathon and Outdoor products which them all have utility patent. The products we design and developed , not only environment friendly but also practical on using and look nice. Looking forward our series products bring more convenient apply for marathon runner and outdoor user.